Reading is one of the most important skills a child can learn, and it’s essential for their development. It helps them to build their vocabulary, understand complex concepts, and develop critical thinking skills. But getting kids excited about reading can be a challenge for many parents. Fortunately, there are some creative ways to get your children interested in books that don’t involve nagging or bribing! Let’s explore some fun and innovative strategies you can use to get your kids excited about reading. From using positive reinforcement to introducing interactive activities like book clubs and scavenger hunts, these methods will help make reading an enjoyable experience for your child. So let’s dive right in!


One way to get your kids interested in books is to talk about the moral lessons each book can teach. Even if it’s a fairy tale, there’s almost always something to learn from the characters and their experiences. Reading with your children also provides an opportunity for you to discuss these morals and share your own experiences. This will help them relate to the stories and understand their meaning on a deeper level.

Here are just a few:

1. Kindness is key.

2. Helping others is rewarding.

3. We all have something unique to offer.

4. Perseverance pays off in the end.

5. Respect those around you, even if they are different from you.

6. Trust your instincts, and never be afraid to speak up for yourself and what you believe in.

7. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; that’s how we learn and grow.

8. It is important to show gratitude for what you have been given.


Another useful parenting technique is to make reading fun! If your children are reluctant readers, try introducing activities like book clubs or scavenger hunts. You can also encourage them by offering rewards for completing each book. This positive reinforcement will help keep them engaged and motivated to read more.

• Read out loud together – take turns and try to make it exciting.

• Set up a reading area with comfortable cushions, pillows, and blankets

• Make funny voices for the characters when reading out loud to keep them engaged.

• Play word games – give clues about a character or plot element and see who can guess correctly first.

• Incorporate music and art into your reading; draw scenes from the book together.

• Put on plays and scripts based on the books you’ve read.

• Create a character collage – pick out pictures of characters from different stories and arrange them in a collage.

• Talk about which books you like best and why.


Finally, don’t forget that reading can be a great family bonding experience. Getting your kids interested in books doesn’t have to be a chore – if you make it fun and engaging, they’ll learn to love it! So set aside some time each day for the whole family to read together and enjoy the journey.

Reading is an essential skill that every child should develop, and there are plenty of creative ways to get your kids excited about books. From talking about morals to encouraging activities like book clubs and scavenger hunts, these strategies will help make reading a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. So start exploring the world of books with your children today!

Some creative local ideas:

1. Local libraries often host reading events and workshops that can be a great way to get your kids excited about books.

2. Many schools have book clubs or other reading-focused groups that children can join.

3. Reach out to local organizations such as churches, after-school programs, or youth centers for their recommendations on books suitable for children.

4. Ask other parents for recommendations on books their kids enjoy reading.

5. Look for local bookstores and specialty stores that offer reading programs or discounts on children’s books.

6. Finally, consider volunteering with a literacy program in your community to help promote the importance of reading among children.